7 Diet Secrets Of The Stars

7 Diet Secrets Of The StartsEver wondered why all celebrities look so amazingly fit and what are their diet secrets? Whether they are seen in a TV commercial, starring in a movie, walking down the red carpet, or simply seen in their casual clothes when out and about in the city.

They just always seem to look so fabulous that we only wish we could look a bit like them too.

But the hard cold fact is that it is not easy at all for celebrities to maintain their bodies and looks so well day after day. They too need constant motivation, effort, and commitment to pull off the images that they manage to for their fans. The reason why they are so compelled to maintain themselves is because they earn mainly from their physical appearance.

They know that if they lose their appeal they won’t get any movies, commercials, or shows to appear in.

This is where the secret tips of how these stars manage to maintain their look steps in. All celebrities have their secret ways of maintaining their healthy bodies and maintaining the fresh glow. You are about to be revealed the seven biggest diet secrets of stars.

  1. The first diet secret of stars is the 40:30:30 rule. This Hollywood diet secret is being followed by Jennifer Aniston for several years now. This diet plan includes eating 40% low glycerin carbohydrates which mainly consists of eating foods like legumes, vegetables, beans, and fruits. Then you should include 30% of lean proteins in your diet which includes chicken, fish, beef, turkey, and tofu along with other dairy products that are low fat. Then the final 30% should consist of the essential fats like olive oil, seeds, nuts, and fish.
  2. The second diet secret was followed by Kate Hudson to shed her pregnancy weight. This involves consuming foods that are high in protein and taking smaller portions throughout the day. Along with that you have to engage in cardiovascular exercises and weight training.
  3. The third Hollywood diet secret has been followed by Oprah Winfrey which includes eating food like fish, nuts, legumes, chicken, vegetables, fruit, and low fat dairy products. Along with that you have to exercise regularly with free weights and jogging especially.
  4. The fourth diet secret is followed by Gwyneth Paltrow that involves avoiding foods high in sugar and flour. Along with that you have to load yourself with lean meat, brown rice, and vegetables. Its more like the macrobiotic diet.
  5. The fifth diet secret involves lots of Ashtanga Yoga followed by a strict diet with absolutely no junk food at all.
  6. The sixth diet secret followed by Claudia Schiffer is quite extreme and involves eating only steamed vegetables, salads, and fruits. Along with that you have to take tomato juice, black grapes, and herbal tea.
  7. The final diet secret involves eating only a strict vegetarian diet. junk food is totally banned and only sweet potatoes can be enjoyed for extreme cravings along with sugar – free juices.

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